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You still trying the old trial and error strategies to see if there is some type of magic that could happen over night for you, right?

In fact, you have probably heard about the infamous quote of "Clickbank does not support Nigeria and other countries" stories.

Or is it the making money on Clickbank is hard and cannot work for you" story?.

I could go on and on to list all the fears you have heard about affiliate marketing, making money online and Clickbank, but that wouldn't solve any problem.

Would it?

Instead you might decide to close this page and run off to the next "BIG THING", your gurus are promising you.

Unless of course, you belong to my inner circle students who are already on their journey to becoming full-time Clickbank affiliate marketers;

....there is a high chance you are going about your affiliate marketing journey wrongly, you are tired of buying into so many promises that finally yield nothing for you or you are just confused on how to start and the first step to take.

Whatever the case may be, I bet you really want a proven system, that eliminates guesswork and will take you straight to the land flowing with milk and honey.

We all want that, don't we?

I am not going to give you the regular grass to grace story most sales pages use these days.

I am not saying they do not work but then, I know you are tired of the same story templates flying here and there.

Which is why I will go straight to the point on this, so you can jump right in quickly.

Oh and by the way, my name is Kenneth Nwakanma;

Founder of NoHitchWeb Media; a digital marketing agency geared towards making the society to embrace digital marketing and NoHitchFiliate store for affiliate marketers like myself.

I am popularly referred to as the Number #1 Clickbank affiliate marketer in Nigeria and West Africa.

Quite a title I was bestowed with, and I have been doing my best to live up to the title.

Or Cyril who thinks my marketing strategy is hot.

One of my bosses I respect so much in this industry, even went as far as giving me the title of CEO Clickbank Nigeria branch.

I could go on and on to blow the whistle about myself, but that is not your reason for reading this page is it?

I guess not.

I will need you to pay massive ATTENTION to the next sentences you will be reading on this page because, I am going to wow you if you read till the end of this page.

So stay with me.....

One major problem in Affiliate Marketing is that some gurus have bastardized it to an extent that it is gradually dying.

This is because people no more get results when they kickstart their affiliate marketing journey on Clickbank.

And there are three reasons for this:

First; The Old Ways

What do I mean by the old ways?

Your favorite guru tells you to go online, pick a product and promote it with facebook ads, twitter ads or other types of ads and assures you that will you make sales.

They tell you to setup a Youtube video, keep posting on social media and to drop comments in different groups with your links.

This my friend is the old way of doing things.

No one believes in such hit-and-run stuff anymore…

You have to take this serious like your life depends on it..

And to do that, you’ll need to embrace the latest methods and strategy for doing for making sales as an affiliate.

I used to make that mistake trust me it cost me a lot.

Here are a few things that happened to me while using the old method:

  • I was dead broke.
  • I spent money on ads and made little or nothing.
  • I resorted to looking for who to borrow money from.

You need to embrace the new ways, and the new ways of running affiliate marketing is sure to get you better results.

One of the new ways, involves building a community of hungry buyers.

People who are ready with their credit cards to buy what it is you are promoting.

Second; The Hit-And-Run Strategy

Second reason this business model is dying slowly is because people are not treating this like it’s a career.

People are treating it like it’s a hit-and-run business or get rich quick scheme.

And when they pass this mentality onto the next set of people, they get into the business with the get rich scheme mentality which is a sure way for them to fail.

Three; Everyone Is An Affiliate Marketing Coach.

Third, almost everyone today is an affiliate marketer.

Once a few bucks have been made in the name of commissions, they are automatically called experts in the business.

In fact, the first guy I met in 2015, who promised to teach me affiliate marketing on Clickbank was one of the worst mistakes I made in my life..

He didn’t even know how Clickbank functioned let alone to make money from it.

He had made only a few commissions and called himself an expert affiliate marketer.

Sadly it is going on today.,

Such people spring up everyday with fliers and ads claiming to have made this or that, now when these people are approached and tested, you discover they have nothing inside them.

But The Truth About This Is..

Anyone including your granny in the village, an 11 year old kid, as far as they have the brains and willingness to learn, can success as an affiliate marketer on Clickbank and start getting results immediately..

To further buttress my point..

Take A Look At The Strategy That Helped A Former Toilet Cleaner, Promote A Hot Product To A Hungry Market And Make Over $800 In Just ONE Week .

If there's one thing that I find really traumatizing, it is the comparison between anyone and myself.

It leaves a mental scar, that if not properly handled, could cause the victim to live with self rejection and depression.

What do I mean?

Stay With Me And I'll Show You What I Mean...

Sometime ago, a buddy of mine called me on phone, and what he complained to me about over the phone wasn’t funny. (For the sake of his privacy, I'd keep his name a secret).

It turns out his mother was down with a particular sickness that needed surgery.

That surgery was going to cost, around N450k..

...now being the only son out of 3 children, it was expected of him to provide the lion share of the cost of the surgery.

Turns out he had graduated from school and served, but for three years he had scouted the whole place for a job and all he could find was a miser cleaning job in an eatery.

As a result he was broke.

To make it worse, he had lost his father in some kind of unforeseen circumstance.

Dude went out to see if he could borrow money from extended family and friends but to no avail.

He came back home that night feeling downcast and gloomy only to get his misery worsened by his mother.

That night she ordered her daughters not to give him any food to eat because according to her, he was a disgrace.

Then came the infamous line African parents are known for.

She said to him....

...."look at your mates, they are the ones flying abroad, driving big cars and buying wrappers for their mothers, the only thing you know is to seat down at home and eat.

Ordinary surgery of N450,000 you cannot pay for".

Apparently, his mother is the kind of person who was never satisfied with whatever little effort he makes..

He told me stories of how he had done block and cement jobs at building and construction sites, only to be able to raise money for the family to eat.

I could feel the tears trickle down his cheeks and sniffles from his nostrils as he spoke on the phone.

Money wasn't forthcoming and according to the doctors, he needed to act as fast as possible to raise the money.

Having tried to borrow money from friends and families, having tried getting loans and other financial assistance and failed, he opted to sell one out of the 3 plots of land his late father left for his family.

Luckily for him, he was able to sell the land and raise money for his mother's surgery.

This was only the beginning of his woes as his mother made living with them, a living hell for him.

She always taunted him on how he was nothing short of a failure..

At this point he couldn't take it anymore, hence he reached out to me.

So I gave him a shot at a unique Clickbank affiliate marketing system, that prepared him to start his Clickbank dollar paying business.
It took a while until he saw his first commission which was $40 from a software I told him to go promote…

From then on sales started trooping in like crazy.

Now his mum calls him “okwara ukwum”; meaning my big first son..

Though I am inclined to say that his mum only calls him that for the money, I am still glad that he has succeeded.
It is actually common with most families, especially with some mothers, to show extra love and care when their son has made some money…

Like a newly installed tap gushing water like crazy, he began seeing results and massive results like clockwork.

At one time, he was able to gross $800 in a week using my unique strategy.

He couldn't hold back his joy, as he sent me his earnings screenshot..

For Me Not To Get WayOver My Head, I Decided To Test This Strategy On Other People, That Were Not Myself Nor The Guy Who Just Celebrated His First $800+ On Clickbank.

And these are the results...

These people you see on your screen right now and the guy whose mum had a surgery, succeeded because they had 5 things in place.

  • Access to a working clickbank account that could never get banned.
  • How to withdraw his clickbank commissions into his bank account without any issues..( for Nigerians, there is an option to withdraw in black market rates).
  • Access to over 9 products I have promoted on Clickbank that made me a total of $81k in sales.
  • The unique traffic source of getting customers who will buy the offers you are promoting..
  • Access to a software that will help you write emails like a pro, this is the same software big companies like coca cola, IBM and other companies use to write emails that sell.

So if you are desperate for change, want to make a name for yourself, tired of the rat race style of living, want to earn in dollars and build a career as an affiliate marketer

You should really be getting on the ...

BulletProof Clickbank Course

Right now, if you are still new to the internet or somethings still sound strange to you, the number one thought on your mind will be; "Okay Kenneth, you've got me"..

But What Is Clickbank?

Before you understand what Clickbank is or how it functions, you need to understand what affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate marketing is the business or career of helping people sell their products and they get paid commissions after sales.

If you own a shoe company and each of your pair of shoes cost $40, and a friend of yours walks up to you and decides to help you sell 100 pairs of your shoes.

You guys reach an agreement, that you will pay your friend $15 for each sale he or she makes, this is called COMMISSION.

Your friend sells off the 100 pairs of shoes making the total money generated to be $4000, that is $40x100.

At the end of the day, based on the grounds of the agreements you both had, you will pay your friend $15x100=$1500.

So to say, you will keep $2500 (which is $4000-$1500).

This is what Affiliate Marketing means.

Clickbank therefore, is an affiliate marketing platform that contains many niches or categories of products, from which registered affiliates can choose from and promote so they can get paid commissions after a successful sale.

You know what the best part is?

The Products To Promote On Clickbank, Have Already Being Provided For You, So You Can Start Promoting Immediately And You Will Have Access To A Clickbank Account That Will Never Get Banned.

Here Are A Few Things I Will Be Sharing With You Inside The BulletProof Clickbank Course

  • How to gain access to a Clickbank account that can never get banned, no matter what happens. You do not even need a VPN or special software for that. (VALUE N30,000/$72)
  • How to withdraw your Clickbank commissions into your local bank account. (VALUE N10,000/$24)
  • Access to a list of HOT products, I personally promote on Clickbank. I saved you the stress of going to hunt for products for you to promote. (VALUE N50,000/$120)
  • Access to my software and traffic strategy of finding the right market for you to market the products you intend to promote. (VALUE N25,000/$60)
  • Industry leading software that lets you write the best emails so you don’t ever run out of what to write. (VALUE N95,000/$228)

THIS IS A TOTAL OF N210,000/$504

Does that seem expensive for you?

Don't make up your mind yet, I still want you to see what people using this strategy have to say.

This is not some copy and paste ebook or PDF stuff, no.

This is a video training course that gives you an over my shoulder experience, so you can visually see the walkthrough process and all you have to do to succeed on Clickbank. 

Something I think I should let you in on is that;

...this course is for anyone who resides in a Clickbank unsupported country, but wants to build a solid Clickbank affiliate marketing career and earn money in United States Dollars..

So you have no excuse not to join the elite group of Clickbank affiliate marketers from Clickbank unsupported countries, who have and are making thousands of Clickbank on a regular basis.

You still find it so good to be true right?

I get it, it is not your fault.

You have probably being promised heaven and earth, only to find out that your money has been taken and you have been left in the middle of the road, in the cold helplessly looking for another solution.

Or in most cases, you have sworn never to invest or get involved in anything online training, ever again.

Hey, I understand which is why I will be doing three things here.

But first, before I let you in on what I will do for you, here are a few words of people who have worked with me..

In fact, they seem to love my style of teaching because, in the words of Bunmi, I have simplified the almighty Clickbank down to the most layman's language you will ever see anywhere else.

Hey, I want to sound a slight WARNING, that the strategies in this course will get you mind blowing results if you follow my instructions and put in the right work.

If you are the type of person who is looking for the next MMM, Loom or any other Ponzi scheme to cash in and cash out of, then please scroll away and close this page.

But if you are hungry for success, want to make money and put an end to the misery and pain of being broke, unemployed or relying on poor salary...

Then Jump Right In And Put These Unique Strategies To Work Within The Next 96 Hours Or Less.

Look, if I had access to the information I am giving you right now, way back in 2017 when I first started, I would be so far off from where I am today.

But it is not too late is it?

Nope it isn't.

Remember I told you I was going to do three things for you, just to atone for the pain of the fake gurus and the pain they might have caused you even after promising heaven and earth to you?

Well this is it.

First, I have set up a support group for you, so that whatever issues you face, in the journey of getting to become a Clickbank marketer, myself and older students will be there to "hold your hands"  and make sure you do not stumble.

One mistake most gurus make is they do not set up support systems for you if you decide to work with them or buy any of their trainings.

You do not have to be scared, because this support group has been set up to help you make the right decisions and get the best support you can.

Secondly, to further help you achieve the best results in a short time, without much stress I have put together;


  • If you stay in Nigeria, I will show you how to withdraw into your bank account in black market rates. Official rate is normally N415 per dollar, but the black market rate system will pay you above 605 per dollar. (VALUE N50,000/$120)
  • My email marketing template that converts a cold audience, into buying subscribers ready and waiting to buy any product you are offering. (VALUE N30,000/$72)
  • A cheap and easy means of getting leads for you to promote your offers to and make your clickbank commissions. (VALUE N40,000/$96)

THIS IS A TOTAL OF N120,000/$288

Thirdly, I want to make it super easy for you and a few others who WILL want to gain access to the BulletProof Clickbank Course.

So I have decided that you will not pay the total of N320,000 which is the total value of the course, you will get it at the discount price of just N12,999/$31.99.

No I am not crazy, or way over my head for giving you a whopping 96% discount.

If you still do not go for this at this point, then there is nothing else I can do to help.

The major reason I am offering you this masterpiece at such a low price, is that I want at least 40 people to join, share their testimonies with me, then I upload them here and raise the price to double the amount.

Are you still in doubt?

Then check out;

What Real People Are Saying About The System

You Will Get Access To Everything On This Page For Just N12,999/$31.99 Instead Of N320,000/ $792.

No matter where you reside; Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda etc, you can make payment with this button below. 

=N=12,999 / $31.99

You have no excuse whatsoever because I have,

--Given you an assurance of walking you like a baby till you stand strong with a support group.

--Given you a N120,000 / $288 worth of bonuses to make sure you succeed.

--I still went as far as giving you a whopping 98% discount to make it affordable and cheap for you.

You cannot say it is expensive because everyone can afford it, so they can get started.

If you miss this, a time will come when you will be FORCED TO PAY DOUBLE and by then, I must have taken off the bonuses.

Fully Backed by our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

If, for any reason, you try my methods with PROOF that you applied all I taught you, and there are no mistakes and errors from, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a refund.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I Need A Laptop For This Or Can I Use My Phone?

Answer: Yes you need a laptop, there are things your phone cannot do for you in this course. So a laptop is really important and of course, a laptop is one of the best investments you should make for yourself.

Question: How Much Do I Need To Start?

Answer: This is a question every newbie asks and in most cases they do not understand that affiliate marketing is cheap to start, unless you want to do some extra stuff which is okay.

The extra amount of money needed to start is not something you should worry about.

Question: For How Long Do I Have Access To The Course?

Answer: Lifetime access.

Question: How Much Can I Make In A Month?

Answer: There are a lot of factors to consider that can make you a good money or make you fail.

First is the commission of the product you are promoting, next is the market you are promoting to, how you promote to them and how serious you are with them.

Plus following my instruction is key to making your first dollar on Clickbank.

Question: I Heard Clickbank Doesn't Support My Country, So Why Should I Buy This?

Answer: There are over 60 Clickbank blacklisted countries of which your home or birth country is one of them.

But I currently reside in Nigeria, which is a country currently blacklisted and I am running my Clickbank business from the comfort of my bedroom because, I have the right strategy to make sure my Clickbank account is not blacklisted or shut down.

So have no worries, I got you covered.

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