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Yes please!. the sole purpose of affiliate marketing, is getting your commissions after you must have successfully brought in sale(s) for the product(s) you choose to promote. You commissions are paid to you every week, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to that.

NoHitchFiliates don't need more than one account to promote more than one product. You can promote several products from one affiliate account. Signing up for separate accounts is not necessary.

Yes, one NoHitchFiliate account will cover everything. You use the same account no matter if you are selling your own products, promoting affiliate products or accessing a purchase you have made.

There are a lot of factors to consider on this. One, are you sending the right traffic to the product?, because we make sure to vet all products before they get listed on NoHitchFiliate. Two, are you making use of the right promotional strategy to promote the product? Though every product converts at a different rate, there's no way to tell how many visits it should take to make a sale. Third, if you are making use of a "purchased get visits traffic" source, are they to be trusted?, because it is one thing to get visits and quality visits that lead to sales.

Of course, you can choose to approve or reject an application to promote your product. You can also approve or deny individual affiliates based on the information provided to you that match your criteria.

Are you an affiliate? Once you meet our screening requirements, you’ll join the host of 5 star affiliates to promote the wonderful products listed on NoHitchFiliate. We will give you all the statistics needed for you to pick the best converting affiliate offers. Or, you have got a wonderful product and want to make more sales? Once your product has been listed on NoHitchFiliate after screening, you are sure going to make more sales by letting our affiliates push your products to markets your advertising couldn’t get to.

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