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Ever wanted to expand your business and make more sales but figured out it was nearly impossible to make it work because you are not a USA resident who doesn't own a Stripe Account?

Non USA Resident Netpreneur Who Sells To USA, Canadian, UK Citizens, Reveals... 

The Breakthrough Done-For-You Strategy Which Instantly Gives Anyone Access To A Verified Stripe Account Without LLC, EIN, Tax ID Documents, If You Are Not A USA Citizen Or Do Not Have Business In The USA.

An incredible, NEW Generation system that lets ANYONE gain access to a Stripe Account without an LLC, SSN, EIN Or Tax ID documents.

  • Legally & Globally Approved. This is not a hack and no cutting corners.
  • Works For Non US Residents. Non US citizens will find this method easy to use.
  • Save Time & Money. No need for the expensive LLC documents, Tax ID etc.
  • Easy To Use: Once set up is complete & you are verified, you can start transacting.
  • Access To Funds: Receive your money into your bank account with ease.
  • No LLC Or Tax ID Documents Needed
  • We Take The Stress Off Your Shoulders
  • Most Effective Option For Non US Residents Or Citizens
  • Withdraw Funds To Your Local Bank Account
  • Access To A Verified Account Without Stress 
  • Most Secure & Effective Fund Receiving Channel


Imagine never having to worry about receiving your money from overseas again.


You missed out!

Jay Kay's Conversions Skyrocketed Once He Started Selling His Gig Professionally To Other Countries Using A Verified Stripe Account.

I charge my clients premium, thanks to having a stripe account.

John KINGSLEY - CopyWriter

I used to be a copywriter selling copywriting as a gig on PeoplePerHour, here I was paid peanuts for my services due to the bottleneck competition there.

But now, thanks to the Stripe Money System DFY, the team set up my Stripe account without the need of an LLC document, Tax ID, SSN or without being a resident or citizen of the USA.

The best part is my account is verified and my funds get into my local bank account easily.

Before Jay Kay achieved this feat, he battled with 4 major problems in his business and there's a 90% chance, you are facing these same issues.

Even if you are not facing them now, at some point your business might collapse because of the following problems.

You struggle to make more sales, thereby making little or no profits, which is as a result of the small market you sell to.

Receiving the money you charge your clients or customers from other countries is nearly impossible, making it hard to sell to other markets.

You have tried other platforms but you encounter hiccups like sudden account suspension or bans, unplanned downtimes and other unknown issues.

A lot of fake gurus out there, claim to help you with stripe accounts & getting your money from abroad only to end up with the same problems.

At some point, he was frustrated because he had tried all he could.

Right now, as you read this, I can tell what's on your mind.

You feel uneasy and maybe frustrated, so much that you are considering giving up on the business because, there is no perfect method to show you how to receive your earnings without hiccups.

Now if these problems listed sound a little closer to home, then you probably fall into one of these 2 camps...

You really wish you could get on a suitable payment gateway that enables you receive your foreign earnings, but no matter what you do - you just can’t seem to get your way around it.

You get some platform that enables you to at least receive but not suitable enough as you also want to receive your earnings without having to relocate.

I am going to help you put an end to all of this, right here and now-without wasting any more time.

  • Imagine drastically reducing the level of uncertainty that comes with receiving your money
  • Imagine being able to sell to people outside your country and receive your earnings with no hassles
  • Imagine never having to worry about account closure from platforms like PayPal again


You can receive your foreign earnings using Stripe without Tax id, EIN or LLC expensive and time wasting documentation -  in an unsupported country.

Introducing The Stripe Money System Done-For-You

The one-stop surefire system that gives you access to a VERIFIED Stripe account without LLC, Tax ID or EIN if you reside in an unsupported country.

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 98% discount !

Here’s What You’ll Get If You Sign Up Now!!

If you are tired of making very little sales because your market size is little, or competitive here is a chance for you to charge your clients and customers in other countries using a fully verified Stripe account without LLC, EIN, Tax ID or SSN, for unsupported countries.

No LLC, Tax ID, EIN Or SSN Needed

No more wasting more than $500 fees and time waiting for LLC documents and the rest just to get an account.

Withdraw Funds To Your  Account

Withdraw your stripe funds straight to your local bank account without issues.

Stripe Account Verification

We will verify & secure your Stripe account, so you will be able to carry out transactions & withdraw your funds.

Effective Method & Easy To Set Up

We take the technical stress off your shoulders. All you have to do is, seat back & wait for your verified account.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

This is what real life people who have purchased  the SMS DFY  have to say

Godwin Ibeks

Affiliate Marketer

Now I am able to sell my gigs to top tier countries and receive my funds EASILY.

I needed to charge my foreign clients without the stress of PayPal, and in no distant time the team behind the  SMS  helped me set up a completely verified Stripe account.

Tony .O.

Digital Marketer

Very easy safe and effective

Receiving my first payment with Stripe seemed magical, thanks to the SMS and the team behind it. This is what I have been longing for.

Deji Yusuf

Ecom Giant

You have made receiving payments easy for me

You guys have made it possible and easy for me to charge my clients and customers who reside within and outside my country. Now I can sell my digital trainings without bothering on the best way to charge buyers and receive my money here.

What You Get When You Sign Up

When you enroll for the offer, here are a FEW golden nuggets you will be discover inside.


Phase 1: Business Enrollment & Discussion

Our team of specialists will reach out to you, to best understand your business, and make some enquiries to make sure your business falls into the businesses Stripe supportS.

VALUE: $299.


Phase 2: Stripe Account Setup Requirements

We will be asking you to submit some information about yourself and your business. These details will help us fasten the verification process of your Stripe account.

VALUE: $599


Phase 3: Business Account Setup

We will setup a business account for your business. This account will be setup in a foreign currency and can serve as your off-shore account for savings and for Stripe to pay you. If you reside in Nigeria, you will able to withdraw your funds in BLACK MARKET RATES.

VALUE: $599


Phase 4: Bulletproof Stripe Account Setup

We will with our unique no LLC,EIN, SSN method create, verify and secure your Stripe account, that will not be banned.

You do not need a VPN to access this account once we set it up for you, you can access it from your mobile phone, laptop or the Stripe app for IOS and Android.

VALUE: $399


Phase 5: Charge Your Customers

What good is your stripe account if you are not able to charge your clients and customers so they can pay you effortlessly?

In this phase of the Stripe Money System DFY, our secret METHOD to setting up your payment system so you can charge your clients with ease in any currency (Euro, Dollar, Pound, Canadian Dollar) etc.

VALUE: $129


Phase 6: Bulletproof Stripe Funds

What most gurus fail to let you know is this, withdrawing your funds from Stripe can be a very tedious task if you do not reside in the USA, sometimes due to issues like LLC documentation and all that, your funds might be withheld by Stripe and there are no ways to go about it once this happens.

But the Stripe Money System DFY handles this issue so well, that you learn my UNBEATABLE method to withdraw your funds even in your toilet.

VALUE: $399


Phase 6: Extras & Updates

One issue most programs have is this, the authors do not release updates.

They recycle old stuff and let you face the problems that come up alone. Here, you will get access to Stripe updates that make your earnings faster, and less stressful.

VALUE: $825


Not bad for an offer that will surely make you back your initial investment in 60 days or less, if you put your heart to it.

Plus you keep making more daily, monthly and annually as you sell and charge customers from other countries.

But I wouldn't want to charge you $2500, even though I know it is worth every dollar.

Here’s why

I want you to get in this program today, without money being a hindrance.



For taking the bold step to invest in your destiny, I am throwing in...

Bonus 1
Sales Funnel Mastery

I will show you how to automate your making money online journey easy as easy.

I know you have heard the popular "if you do not make money while you sleep, you will be poor forever" quote.

The key to making money while you sleep is to build funnels that do the magic for you.

This is not like the normal copy n paste stuff you see out there, this is the key secret I have used to automate all my online businesses, so I make money while I sleep.


Bonus 2
Sales Copy Builder

One major problem online businesses face is, the problem of having a converting sales copy that convinces people to buy their offers.

They either opt for expensive copywriters who end up writing copies that do not convert. Or if they decide to write the copies themselves, they have to subscribe to expensive courses or trainings.

With the sales copy builder, you will write copies that convert by yourself, without having to pay expensive copywriters.


Bonus 3
Video Marketing Domination

Video marketing is the new gold, it is the sole reason YouTube boasts of 500 hours of videos uploaded per minute & Facebook boasting of over 700 million views of videos viewed on its platform.

The problem is most people are camera shy. They do not want to show their faces while running video campaigns. 

VDM, shows you how to generate thousands of video viewers to your blogs, websites, funnels and any other offer even if you have no video marketing experience & without hiring a professional.


Here’s What People Are Saying About Our 5 Star Team

Peter Ofoedum


Great Value To Give

They have got great value to give.

I haven't bought his course yet. But being on their email list is worth paying for.

Andrew Nuhu

Programmer & Data Analyst

Thank God I Met You Guys.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thanks to God I met you and the team. I will get there soon.

Marie Jones

Marketing Specialist

Thank You Boss

I want to say thanks, for your guidance and teaching. God bless.

…Here’s Why I Am Doing This…

Firstly, I’m doing this so you will never have to worry about not making enough sales to take care of your bills again.

Ever again.

Secondly, BECAUSE this offer is available for ONLY a few persons to grab this offer right now.

So if you think $172.99 is too much to invest in a system that will guarantee you never have to worry about not making enough money again, then close this page at this point. . .

But if you think this is a massive bargain, then wait till you see what more I have in store for you.

Here you go:


Bonus 4
Social Media Instant Traffic

The most effective part of any marketing is traffic, get it wrong and you are done for.

The social media traffic blueprint lets you discover the topics about your readers’ mind, how to choose the most effective platform for making sales, create contents that add value, get followers, and tracking your results.

With this blueprint, you will be able to understand social media properly and use it to your advantage to make more sales by driving unbeatable traffic to your offers.


Bonus 5
Free 30 Minutes Skype Consultation

Got any issues, you face in your current business?

Have you tried getting an expert to look at your business only to be charged heavily and in most cases get zero results even after paying heavily?

Well, as a thank you for getting the Stripe Money System, I will look into your business and give you solutions to help you get more sales.

Normally I charge $3000 for this, but for getting the Stripe Money System today, you will be getting a FREE 30 minutes consultation session with me.


With This System, You'll Get Notifications Like These:

And Payment Notifications Like This:

Thanks for helping me setting up this super easy Stripe Money System .

Setting up my Stripe account was easy without any hiccups.

Why You Need The Stripe Money System.

Other Stripe Programs

Stripe Money System

You need EXPENSIVE  LLC, and Employer Identification Number documents making it impossible or hard for small and new businesses to create Stripe accounts.

You do not need to spend bank breaking money on getting LLC, EIN or Tax ID documents to set up a stripe account, it doesn't matter if you are a small or big business person.

Even after paying close to $1000 for the expensive documents, you will still need to wait for weeks and sometimes months before getting these documents.

Stripe money system does not let you get delayed. Setting up your Stripe account is instant. All you need is let us handle all the stress for you and there are no extra charges.

Verifying your Stripe account is nearly impossible, and most times this is why Stripe bans or restricts some accounts.

Stripe account verification is easy, simple and quick. It takes us less than 5 minutes to verify your account.

Withdrawing your money from most Stripe accounts is somewhat impossible, this is what most gurus fail to let you know.

Withdrawing your stripe funds is as easy as anything. Your money comes straight into your bank account without stress.

Setting up Stripe accounts with other processes can take a lot of back and forth, making you lose interest in the whole process.

We handle all the technicalities that come up while setting up your account, you just have to seat back and enjoy the ride.

Non US residents or citizens, find it hard and expensive to set up theirs, plus these stripe accounts are not sure to last long.

Non USA residents and citizens, can now enjoy the benefits of having a Stripe account that can never be banned, so they can sell globally.

The high cost of tax can be very discouraging and kills infant, new or sole proprietorship businesses.

The tax paid here is as small as 1% and you are not charged heavy taxes that your business cannot pay.



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to All Bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to All Bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

You missed out!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Alright let us make this clear. This is not a make money online service, this is a proven method to curtail the exorbitant cost, the delays and the de-satisfaction that comes with the problems businesses face when trying to create a Stripe account.

Normally those protocols are not needed, and this is what we are out to help you with.

Of course, you will get the best value for your money.


Website Owners

Give your web based business an upgrade by adding a vibrant & solid payment system. A complete payment system that will take your business to the next level by ensuring a secure payment system that can charge anyone in the world for your services.


One unique way of monetizing your blog is selling some of your blog posts or converting some of your blog posts into premium blog posts or PDFs that your readers anywhere in the world have to pay before they get access to, and the Stripe Money System handles that.

Affiliate Marketers

Most affiliate marketers if not all, think the only use for their email lists is promoting offers, no. As an affiliate marketer, you can create digital products and sell to your subscribers. This way, you do not restrict your earnings to just affiliate commissions.

Paid Advertisers

Beat the competition by creating subscription based plans for your customers and clients so you make more money and keep them keep them coming back for more of your premium services and offers.

Authors & Publishers

Penetrate more markets and make more sales by selling to residents outside your country. You can go further by having a soft copy of your best selling books and selling to locations you cannot ship the physical hard copy books to.

Social Media Marketers

Set yourself apart from the competition by using a more convenient and secure payment method to charge your clients with. Most social media marketers, use PayPal for their businesses making it tough for most clients who don't have PayPal accounts to pay.

Email Marketers

One of the most under rated but most reliable form of advertising is email marketing. With this, you can reach out to an insane amount of customers that will need your services or offers. You can also charge subscribers for getting premium content from your emails.

Offline Businesses

Offer a pay-before-service or pay-before-delivery option to your customers. This method lets you filter and remove unserious people placing orders from your stores. With Stripe, you can securely charge them, so they don't struggle with bank transfers.

Don’t wait! Look at what past folks have to say about this offer

Ivan Tarbuh

Linux Expert

Best of the best

I wish I had found this earlier, the team was able to set up my account in less than one hour and  following your instructions to the very end, receiving money from clients has never been easy. Thank you so much, and I also want to appreciate your honesty and access to communicating with you and not just your team.

Ana Cristina

Motion & Graphics Designer

Making more sales has been my issue before now

I used to have this issue of making less sales because almost everyone is a graphic designer. But now, I make more sales because I am able to charge the residents of other countries, plus I don't have to break my savings over some expensive document to get my account ready.



Easy to set up and very easy to understand

Everything works fine now.

From the way you teach till the finished stage, working with you and your team has been awesome.


Telemarketing Pro

You have done a good job

When I got your mail about you having the know-how on how to create Stripe accounts without an LLC or the likes, i doubted its authenticity, but having gotten my own account now I can really say, you have done a good job.


Video Editor

Bye bye PayPal

After having lost over $4500 due to PayPal's madness, I opted for a new solution to charge my clients, I was told Stripe only works for a select number of countries. Until you guys helped set it up, as we speak, I charge my clients without stress.



This was helpful

Recently, I got a side gig that pays for part of my tuition, though it wasn't enough so I looked out for something else, and they said they needed Stripe to process our payments. I found your thread on a forum after trying to search on Google, on how to create stripe accounts for unsupported countries. This has been helpful.



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to All Bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to All Bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are There Any Limitations or Restrictions?

With the Stripe Money System, the sky is your limit. We will take the stress off your shoulders to give you a seamless and pain-free experience as you use your Stripe account to make sales in your business.

Q:Can A Beginner Use This System?

The Stripe Money System was created for the sole purpose of making life easy. So even if your business is just kciking up in your garage, the Stripe money system is here to take your business to the next level.

Q: Do I Need To Install Any Software?

With the Stripe Money System, there is no need for installation of any software on your pc. Unless of course, you have no browsers installed on your pc. This is the only software you will have to install, but if your computer has a browser already installed, the you are good to go.

Q:Is This A Software Or Course?

The Stripe Money System is a done-for-you service that lets anyone anywhere in the world, own a Stripe account to let them sell  or offer their services globally without LLC, Tax ID, EIN and SSN documents for unsupported countries. 

Q: Do I Offer After Sales Support?

Yes please, we have an ever ready to assist you with any issue super support team. All you need do is reach out to us in our Facebook community and my team or myself will come running to your rescue like a knight in shining amour.

Q:How Many Times Will I Be Billed?

You will be charged once when you purchase the Stripe Money System done-for-you offer. It is not a subscription based plan. Once you purchase the program, you will not be billed for anything else concerning the Stripe setup.

Q: Will My Account Ever Be Banned?

One of the main purposes behind the course is to be able to verify your Stripe account with ease, plus you don't need any VPN or special software to run your account.

Everything works perfectly once you get your account and you don't break any rules.

Q:Do You Create Stripe Accounts For Poeple?

Yes, we do create accounts for as a done-for-you service., This is what this service is about, here we take all the stress off your shoulders. We will take a look at your business and offer you the best pricing for the done-for-you service.

Q: How Long Do I Have Access?

Once you have your account set up, it is yours for life. It is not a subscription based offer where you have to pay monthly, or annually. If you however lose access to your account GENUINELY, you can always reach out to us and have us offer you support.

Q:Where Can I Use The Stripe Account?

Whether you are an affiliate marketer, blogger, email marketer, social media marketer, email marketer, accessories or apparels designer or any other business on or off the internet, you need a Stripe account to charge your customers and clients effortlessly. 

Q: How Will I Be Able To Withdraw My Funds?

Withdrawing your Stripe funds is as easy as ABC, all you need is to follow the instructions we will give you and you will be able to withdraw your money into your local bank account.

And you will not be needing a domiciliary account for this nor will you need to break your head over an exchanger issue.

Q:WIll I Be Made To Pay Tax Or Any Other Fees?

Yeah buddy, you will have to pay taxes. But then the taxes you will pay are less than 2% tax.  Trust me, I was as surprised as you are when I found out and I was sent my first tax receipt. The tax is however deducted automatically, so you don't need to worry. 

Q: Does Stripe Accept All Types Of Businesses?

You can ONLY use STRIPE for drop-shipping if you are sure of no refunds while you sell. Other businesses like sex toy sales, multi-level marketing, and other illegal businesses like sales of weapons, drugs and pirated music are not also not allowed.

Q:Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

This isn't a make money online service. Rather it is a setup service that lets you have access to a working Stripe account for your business. Trust me when I say nothing could go wrong.

Before You Close This Page..

I understand that paying for done-for-you services  now seem like a waste of investment, in fact, if you are reading till this point, you probably have doubts.

You probably think, this is another shiny object thingy.

Don't judge me on my winners, but on my losers because I have very few of them.

There are only two problems you will encounter if you do not get the Stripe Money System.

First: if you close this page and come back later, the cost of the system will go up.

Second: some of the bonuses will be taken down.

I'll end this with one quote my father always uses on me when making tough decisions, "what will you lose" if you give your business profits a 100% boost.

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DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated above are my personal sales figures. Please understand my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of practicing direct response marketing and advertising for years, and have an established following as a result. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS PROGRAM.