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What If I Told You, You Could Own An Email Marketing System Like Mailchimp, Getresponse and Aweber Without Having To Pay More Than $30 Per Month, Would You Believe Me?

The money is in the list.

You must have heard this phrase somewhere or somehow.

In fact, as far as you’re a freelancer, e-com marketer, dropshipper, blogger, vlogger, realtor or any other online sales person, having a steady communication with people who have at one point or the other, indicated interest in your service, will definitely make you profits because, you are not just giving them value but you are letting them trust you blindly.

That is why it is advisable to have a LIST of prospects or subscribers, who will receive updates about service, products or offers.

You can have a list of phone numbers of your prospects or a list of their email addresses, which is way cheaper than having a list of telephone contacts.


  • HIGH ROI: Email marketing, is the oldest and most efficient form of marketing and it boasts of $200 million to $400 million in profits worldwide every year.
  • REDUCTION IN MARKETING COSTS: Without an email list, your advertising will cost you an arm and a leg. Whereas, if you have an email list your advertising cost will cut down by more than half. For instance, if you run your advertising for the first time and grow a list of 30,000 people who love laptops, you can promote to that list a gaming mouse, you can promote to the same list the latest software in the market. You can also promote other laptop accessories to the same list and they will still buy, even without running ads or spending extra money.
  • IMPORTANT TOOL SET: An email list is the second most important tool in businesses besides advertising.
  • IMMEDIATE COMMUNICATION: Using an email list to talk to your prospects and customers is advantageous because it provides a means for immediate communication. Other means of advertising or marketing could take days to reach your intended audience, if they ever see or hear it at all. Email on the other hand is delivered instantly, ensuring your message is read as soon as possible.
  • CONVERTING PROSPECTS: An email list can be a great way of converting your prospects. Not all people are ready to make a purchase with your company the first time they visit your website. By staying at the forefront of their mind with helpful email newsletters and reminding them of your services with promotional emails and messages, you'll be able to convert many of those prospects down the road.
  • TRUST: 97% of the traffic that visits your site or sales page, will not buy or pay for your product. Not because your product is crappy or senseless, but because they have no basic trust or relationship with you. However, with an email list, your prospects will trust you and can blindly part with their money to pay for your services or products.

This is the power of an email list.

This is the secret, Domino's Pizza, Aliexpress, Ebay world renowned marketers like Russel Brunson, Tai Lopez, Frank Kern apply that makes them huge sales on a regular basis.

The neglect or absence of an email list, is likened to going into battle without an ammo backup. You really do not know what would happen if you go to war without an ammo back up pack.

Yay, Let's Build An Email List!!

By now, you will agree an email list is crucial; it is really necessary for your business, as far as your business relies on the internet for its existence, profits and survival.

For anyone to have and grow a successful email list, they will need a working an affordable and efficient email marketing system or service.

Of course, after hitting the internet to search for RELIABLE EMAIL MARKETING SERVICES or SYSTEMS, you will be shown to the likes of Mailchimp, Aweber or Getresponse for your email marketing service.

But There Is A Problem…..

These email marketing services do not care if:

  • You are a newbie, who has little or no money to maintain an email list.
  • Your business is a small-scale business, that makes very little returns, they still go ahead to charge you and you MUST pay the fees or your account gets terminated.
  • You have autonomy or total control over your list, because with them, you do not have 99.9% autonomy of your email list. Let’s say you decide to move to another email marketing service, you cannot export your list for you to import the list(s) to the next email marketing service you want to move to.
  • You are a business promoter or you are into marketing other people’s products (affiliate marketing), they will never let you promote certain niches on their platform, as they are tagged spam, make believe or lies.
  • You feel broken, disappointed or broke, there have been cases, in which people wake up and discover their accounts have been terminated, even though they did not break any policy or rule.

How? Let Me Explain….

Aweber: will charge you much money on a pay as your list grows basis.

That is to say, if you have 500 subscribers, you’ll pay $29/per month, up to $149 on a monthly basis.
This is expensive for starters and small-scale businesses that are just starting out.
Aweber, also finds it difficult to move subscribers from one list to another.
So, you have to manually export your subscribers and re-upload them to another list, which can be very time consuming.

Mailchimp: doesn’t let you promote certain type of products on its platform, especially when it comes to healthy living, online businesses and anything that has to do with reproduction.
That is to say it is simply tailored for blogging.

Do not let any GURU tell you less, using Mailchimp is pointless, no wonder most of its clients are food bloggers.

Mailchimp, can equally shut down your account without a warning, whether or not you break any rule or policy.

Amazon SES: Try getting your Amazon SES account approved and you’ll see how tough or nearly impossible it can be.

But What If You Could……

  • Build your own AFFORDABLEEFFICIENT email marketing service from the ground up?
  • Promote ANYTHING to your list without fear of having a TERMINATED ACCOUNT?
  • Have more than 10,000 subscribers on your email list and still pay less than $80 or even $50?
  • Avoid waiting for APPROVAL from anyone, before kicking off your next email campaign?

Stay With Me And I’ll Show You How Possible It Is!!

So we sat down, drew up a blueprint and tested every possible variation and we came up with…..


    A Revolutionary, Game-Changing Email Marketing System

    Smtp Flux, is an innovative email marketing system that gives you full control and 100% autonomy over your email lists.

    Professional and studio quality videos to teach you how to create your own AFFORDABLE & RELIABLE SMTP servers from the ground up like a pro!

    An awesome system that gives you unbeatable power to PROMOTE any service or product in any niche to your list subscribers without fear of an account termination or ban.

    A unique system that doesn’t make you break the bank, empty your wallet or credit card just because you have a huge email subscriber list.

    A self-reliant system that does most of the work for you, even while you SLEEP.

    Special offer! Enroll now and get a 50% discount !

    Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

    If you want 100% control and autonomy over your email list... Fast-track yourself with our dynamic, do-it-yourself videos so you can quickly and easily create your own SMTP server worth having.

    Huge Benefit 1

    No more wasting money on expensive monthly email marketing systems.

    Huge Benefit 2

    No need to get scared of an account ban or termination.

    Huge Benefit 3

    Get full control and autonomy of your email lists.

    Huge Benefit 4

    Ditch email marketing systems that tell you what to promote and what not to promote.

    Huge Benefit 5

    Send as much emails as you want without a monthly quota.

    Huge Benefit 6

    Say goodbye to waiting for approval before you kick off your next email campaign.

    Huge Benefit 7

    Automate your email marketing systems, to work even when you are asleep, on vacation or busy with something else.

    Huge Benefit 8

    Create email marketing systems for clients and charge them as much as $500 per system set up.

    Here’s what people are saying about SMTP FLUX

    This is what real life people who have used SMTP FLUX have to say.



    Basic Introduction To SMTP FLUX

    In this section, we will undergo a run down of what SMTP FLUX is, why you need it and how you can utilize its full potential.


    Module 1: Getting The Basic Requirements.

    In this module, I will guide you on the necessary requirements you need to purchase to build your system from the ground up.


    Module 2: Email Server & Mailer Configuration.

    After having successfully purchased the needed requirements in Module 1, this module will show you how to configure a very crucial pa.rt of the framework for maximum operations.

    Getting this wrong can be very catastrophic


    Module 3: Control Panel Installation.

    In this module, you will learn how to install the needed control panel to give you admin access to your autoresponder system.

    Without this panel your autorepsonder system is bound to fail.


    Module 4: Autoresponder System Setup.

    Your autoresponder framework has been installed in the previous module, here you will learn how to setup your autoresponder software for mailing your subscribers.


    Module 5: Server Installation & Configuration.

    This is the meat of this program.

    In this module, I'll teach you how to easily install the mailing protocol that powers your autoresponder system.

    This is the same system Aweber, Getresponse use to send emails daily.


    Module 6: Server Walkthrough & Usage

    Now your system is up and running. 

    In this section, you will learn the super inbox mechanism and everything you need for a successful email marketing business.


    Bonus Module 1: Mailer Introduction.

    A little something from me to you. This bonus module will show you how to use the email system you have built, with your email sending software.


    Bonus Module 2: Winning Funnels.

    How to build winning funnels that ensure maximum conversion of your prospects.


    Bonus Module 3: Email Framework.

    This bonus module is something you don't get to see anywhere. In this module, you'll be learning solid ideas on how to generate emails so you never run out of email ideas ever, as well as avoiding spam traps.


    To make sure you maximize the full potential of SMTP FLUX, I will be handing over to you, tools and blueprints that will take your email marketing system to the next stage with less stress. These tools and blueprints cost quite a fortune, if you decide to get them separately. Without these tools, your business, will be tough, you will get little or no results and you might witness a whole lot of road blocks while doing this.

    Autoresponder Software

    Forget the issue of Aweber's increase in cost according to list size, Getresponse watermarking your emails making you look unprofessional or Mailchimp restricting you to only blogging (you can't promote products with their service).

    You can now have the power of email marketing in your hands.

    You can promote anything, to any amount of list subscribers, export your list and have no watermark at the bottom of your emails.

    Funnel Blueprint.

    You hear of funnels a lot.

    A funnel is simply the stages prospects have to pass through before they become customers or clients that might end up doing business with you.

    The funneling structure you apply determines if your prospects will do business with you or not.

    This is why I will be giving you, as a bonus, my funneling framework I use for all my businesses that bring in close to 200% ROI.

    Website and Webpage Builder

    If you do not know how to code with HTML, XHTML you cannot own or know how to design a webpage not to talk of a website. 

    That was before and not anymore.

    With this industry leading page builder, even a 10 year old, 99 year old or an inexperienced person, can use this simple drag and drop page builder to build stunning and cool websites or webpage.

    Writing Converting Emails.

    It is one thing to write emails, it is another to write emails that convert. 

    More so, a lot of marketers, sometimes hit the writer's block while writing marketing emails for their email lists.

    I have added as a bonus, 8 of my best email writing methods, to never run out of CONVERTING email ideas plus Insider Secrets of Crafting Explosive Emails That Will Convert Like A Soda Machine in the Sahara Desert

    Avoiding Email Spam Traps.

    Email Marketing is tricky and can make you frustrated. This is what the GURUS, fail to tell you. For you to write emails that do not hit the spam folder, you have to be really good at what you do.

    Even if you do avoid those spam words, once these email service providers discover you are sending that particular email content to a lot of email addresses, your email letters no matter how clean, will still hit the spam folder.

    I have added, as bonus a neglected means of making sure your 90% of your emails don’t hit the spam folder.

    Converting Email Swipes.

    Writing emails that convert your readers to buyers from scratch, can be hectic and mind disturbing especially if you are a newbie in the world of email marketing.

    On that note, I have handpicked about 9800 of the best email letter swipes that have converted in most of the popular niches that exist on the internet, for you to apply to your online business and see the boost it will get you.

    About The Course Teacher,
    Kenneth Nwakanma

    Kenneth Nwakanma is the founder of a five-star marketing company NoHitch Web Media Inc. He is an affiliate marketer, blogger and has helped grow multiple businesses from nothing to making insane figures.

    In this program, you will have him as your personal coach and mentor to achieve email marketing success, even if you have been burnt by the mishaps and pain of email marketing. He is fit to teach you this because, he has failed and succeeded in his 4 years in email marketing, so who better to learn from?

    Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

    Peter Ofoedum


    Great Value To Give.

    He has got great value to give.

    I haven't bought his course yet. But being on his email list is worth paying for.

    Andrew Nuhu

    Programmer & Data Analyst

    Thank God I Met You.

    You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thanks to God I met you. I will get there soon

    Nwosu .N. Ken

    Marketing Specialist

    Thank You Boss

    I want to thank you Ken, for your guidance and teaching. God bless.

    Why You Need SMTP FLUX.

    If you are still wondering what an SMTP stands for, it simply means Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, a communication protocol for electronic mail transmission. 

    It is the missing link between your email list subscribers and the emails you send them.

    Simply put, your mobile phone is likened to the email sending software, your email list subscribers are like your contacts or the numbers stored in your phonebook, the emails are like the SMS you send to your contacts and the network provider is the SMTP.

    The best part of this course is you will master the art of building these servers like a pro!.  You can also go on to build these servers, for people and charge them heavily for it.

    Email Marketing Systems.


    No full autonomy over your email list.

    100% full autonomy & total control of your email list.

    Mailchimp charges $15 per 1,200,000 emails for 100,000 subscribers, that is to say you can only send 12 emails per month for $15, Aweber charges $149 if you have 10,000 (mind you these emails are not unlimited) subscribers and Getresponse charges $145 per month for 10,000 subscribers.

    50,000 subscribers will cost you LESS THAN $30 per month

    Mailchimp prohibits promotional messages on its platform, Amazon SES, will deny you access once you are in the MMO niche, Getresponse places strict policy on promotional messages.

    You can promote anything to your list without fear of a ban.

    Movement of one subscriber to another list, can be cumbersome and techy. In most cases, the support team might not be helpful.

    Movement of contacts from one list to another is easy.

    Mailchimp, Amazon SES, Aweber, can terminate your account without notice and this means all your lists, will be gone.

    Your account CANNOT get banned.




    • Lifetime Access
    • Immediate Start
    • Access to All Modules



    • Lifetime Access
    • Immediate Start
    • Access to All Modules

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

    Alright let us make this clear. This is not a make money online course, this is a proven method to curtail the exorbitant cost and the de-satisfaction that comes with the below par service offered by these email marketing companies.

    Of course, you will get the best value for your money, but there are no refunds. 


    Website Owners

    Give your web based business an upgrade by adding a vibrant & solid email marketing system. A new email marketing system that will take your business to the next level by ensuring total control over your list.

    Affiliate Marketers

    70% of marketers report that most of these email marketing platforms restrict what they promote. Maximize your revenue today by sticking to a no questions asked system that lets you promote what you want to promote, 


    Have total control over your ever-growing list & stick to a system, that will not cost you an arm and a leg to mail your list. Whether you are a non profit blog or a small blog with a large audience, this is the solution for you.

    Social Media Marketers

    Set yourself apart from others with this breath-of-fresh-air email marketing system that attracts conversion, boosts engagement & dominates the market! Amp up your email marketing strategy & captivate your subscribers.

    Authors & Publishers

    Market your new book or publication with a reliable email marketing system. Give your readers a teaser preface and talk about your plot with an engaging email that tell your story. Let your email sell your words.

    Paid Advertisers

    Brilliantly write emails that stand out from the competition and magnetize and convert your prospects instantly. No need to worry about extra fees because, you don't get charged extra after the initial set up.

    eCommerce Store Owners

    Build a rapport and create a communication bridge between you & people who showed interest in your ecom store products, for them to be aware of new stock and the latest product that can solve their needs.

    Offline Businesses

    Promote your products to ready-to-buy customers so they can visit your physical store without spending extra on magazine ads, TV commercials or radio ads. That’s huge savings on offline advertising and get the highest return on investment!

    Don’t Wait! Look At What Other Students Have To Say About SMTP FLUX!!

    Will this work on both Mac and Windows?

    Can I use my own mailing software?

    I’m a beginner and need some training. Do you have these?

    Do you offer support?




    • Lifetime Access
    • Immediate Start
    • Access to All Modules



    • Lifetime Access
    • Immediate Start
    • Access to All Modules

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    But then remember you are letting a huge once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by.

    And there is a huge probability that you may miss out a spot on "SMTP FLUX" if you are yet to decide.

    The only problem you are going to have is, you didn't buy this earlier!!
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