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About Us


Collaboration not competition is the key to succeeding in any business

– Kenneth N. (founder NoHitchFiliate).


Businesses succeed when sales are made and for sales to be made, products or services have to get to the right market.

The problem, is reaching the right market.

Product creators could have the best of products, but getting these products to deeper and untapped markets, is a huge issue, hence the creation of NoHitchFiliate.


NoHitchFiliate was born to bridge the divide between product vendors, untapped markets and the affiliates who make this magic happen.


NoHitchFiliate solves two major issues:

  • Helping product vendors make more sales, by pushing their products to deeper and markets their advertising could not get to, while maintaining the quality of these products.  
  • Rewarding affiliates who help to successfully push these products to unknown markets, with mouth watery commissions to encourage them for their services.

At NoHitchFiliate, we are driven by the following core values:


Quality assurance products and services.

We know how it feels to spend your money looking for valuable products, only to end up with something worse than recycled or shiny products.

Hence, we make sure that all products listed on NoHitchFiliate, go through screening and customer reviews before they are listed.


Round the clock support.

No bots or automated responses.

Unlike most platforms where you are faced with bot machine or autoresponder copy and paste messages, that still leave the user confused or unsatisfied, we go the extra mile by providing you with actual human responses to any issues you might face.


Inspiration to become better.

Whether you are an affiliate, product owner or a product buyer, one of the major goals of launching NoHitchFiliate is to bring out the best in you or whatever your reason is for visiting NoHitchFiliate.

With everyday that comes, we make NoHitchFiliate the ideal place for anyone who visits, to always return with something positive or the will to do more.


In all, NoHitchFiliate is here to serve you.

Feel free to contact us, if you face any issues or have suggestions.

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