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  • You're confused about how to start getting clients on LinkedIn using your skills. I've been there, feeling like the system is rigged against you. Like I will never get a chance to get the client's maybe because of the competition and how you perceive LinkedIn to be a professional app (Some people say it's full of oppression).
  • Tired of searching through the job listings only to find that your skills are undervalued.
  • Tired of sourcing job boards for the next gig. You want to get paid for your worth but seems like all the high paying clients are taken.
  • Tired of using LinkedIn to find a job because it seems not to work for you.
  • Tired of wondering how to get clients for your skills.
  • Tired of surfing through google for tips and tricks on getting clients and nothing seems to work
  • You've got a nice portfolio but you're stuck at getting clients. The job application you submitted hasn't gotten you any job and you aren't getting clients.
  • _________________(Fill in the one you think is not there)

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  • You feeling confused about what to say in your job applications?
  • Being passed over and rejected for interviews after submitting and application but getting an automated message like this “Hello, We just checked your profile and resume and you’re not good for the job and won’t be moving on with you”

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Hi, Tamino-Nimi Abel here.

14 months ago, I was a broke ass full-time house boy for one rich man in Port Harcourt. My job was to take care of his kids aged 2, 4 and 8 respectively.

Something I did wholeheartedly. Not because I wanted to. But because I had no other option available.

I'd wake up as early as 4am to prepare breakfast and lunch for the family, boil hot water for the kids, clean the house, wash leftover plates from yesterday and so on.

I rarely had time to rest. Sleep was a luxury. And siesta was never for me.

Things continued this way until the day I sat down and calculated how long it will take me to make my first million from that job.

At the time, my monthly salary was 15,000 Naira. Something that wasn't even enough to take care of my most basic expenses.

My calculations revealed it was going to take me 5 years and 7 months to make my first million. That's if I don't make any expenses at all and inflation rate remains stable both of which were absolutely not possible.

This discovery got me angry and I swore to break whatever relationship I had with SAPA prior to the time. I came from a very humble background so it was clear enough to me right from time that nobody was gonna come to my aid.

So I went in search of a better way to help my life especially online and i found a way of making money online by just applying my skills

That was how I came to hear about LinkedIn,

I tried to do it in my own but it did not work out for me,

I watched YouTube Videos, Searched on Google, attended many free trainings on how to get client on a LinkedIn, I was so frustrated because will just applying for JOBS blindly but got no result until I took a course for $976 but still did not work

Until I met the game changer, I Discovered a strategy that i ran with that changed my life.

Today I’ve earned a reputation as a LinkedIn expert who have made over $15,000 on LinkedIn just using my skills and not only me but i and my students.

But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at this